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Green Grapes

US-Based Producers

estorm export trading (EET) works with US exporters by coordinating procurement on behalf of foreign buyers, to ensure zero export trade risk to U.S. suppliers.


US manufacturers are often reluctant to enter into business transactions with foreign buyers because of the risk of non-payment. They may also refuse to ship goods (even with letters of credit guarantees) due to the risk that goods may be rejected at arrival in the foreign port for technical reasons.

  • EET provides export solutions that remove export trade risk to U.S. suppliers and foreign buyers. Further, EET can reduce or eliminate other risks, like those  associated with management inexperience in emerging markets, vague or misunderstood deal terms, inefficiency, and myriad unforeseen factors affecting a foreign buyer’s ability to complete the purchase.

  • By acting through EET, U.S. manufacturers, suppliers and service providers are assured of payment for goods and services exported without direct engagement of the foreign principal (or foreign buyer).


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