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​Have you faced these issues as an exporter or importer of US products?

  • Not knowing whether a foreign buyer will pay you in full?

  • Having to pay upfront for merchandise coming from the US (since most US Manufacturers/Suppliers won’t trade unless paid 30-50% upfront)

  • Having the cashflow to order more

  • Having to go to a bank or secondary markets in your country to get loans at high interests of 10-20%

  • Not knowing how to source products in the US due to language/culture barriers

EET can resolve all of these issues:

  • We can provide a foreign importer of US products, a credit facility and all they need is to be able to raise an irrevocable letter of credit for 15%. That 15% is only due once the merchandise arrive in your country

  • We work with the US supplier, and through the export credit agencies we work with, we guarantee payment to the US supplier

  • We can ship the products and finance the remaining 85%

  • We can help you source quality products


  • Through the approved US export trading agencies we work with, we are able to obtain financing at very competitive interest rates (as low as 5-6%) . These rates are much lower than any commercial bank in Europe, Asia or Africa can offer. In cases where the loan amount is $10 million or more, we may be able to obtain rates that are even lower.


estorm export trading (EET)’s role is to provide U.S. exporters with an overseas market, and foreign buyers ready access to US goods and services

  • If you are a foreign buyer:

    • The first step is to determine what you would like to buy for resale in your country;

  • If you are a US exporter:

    • The first step is to identify a buyer of your product overseas;


The next step is to contact EET and enter into a contract to commence sourcing your product and funding. We do all the work of vetting the foreign buyer for legitimacy, finding a U.S. seller of the product, negotiating terms, procuring the product, applying for funding, and arranging shipment and other export documentation.


Are you ready to find out if your organization qualify for estorm's trade-backed finance and export credit agency financing or would you like us to help in sourcing US products? 

Why Should You Consider estorm export trading vs. a local bank or other financial organizations in your country?

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