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Foreign Buyers of US Products - HOW DOES THE PROCESS REALLY WORK?

estorm export trading (EET) represents foreign buyers (end-users and applicants) in the vetting process required to secure ECA financing. 


What estorm export trading offers:​

  • We can provide a US-products importer a credit facility (through a purchasing agreement) and all they need is to be able to raise an irrevocable letter of credit for 15%.

  • That 15% is only due once the merchandise arrives in your home country.

  • We work with the US supplier, and through the export credit agencies we work with, we guarantee payment to the US supplier

  • We or the supplier can ship the products and finance the remaining 85%

  • The interest charged by the export credit agencies are MUCH lower than your local bank or Secondary markets at up to 6% annual interest rate.

  • As you may know in the US, everything is about establishing credit. If an importer can take a loan with the export credit agencies we work with, then repay in time, they can subsequently get a LOT more. The export credit agencies we work with have $40 billion to loan – so no deal is too large.

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