All PPEs Available

estorm has been in the business of exporting from the US to Asia for the past 5 years. 

Since Covid-19 pandemic has started, we have realized that the US is in dire need to get PPE supplies, we have negotiated with suppliers in Vietnam, Malaysia and China the following products; 

  • Gloves - Vynil Nitrile Blended Powder-free (Origin Malaysia, Vietnam and China) CE -FDA Nitrile (Origin Vietnam & Thailand) CE -FDA

  • Mask 3 ply (Origin China) CE & FDA

  • Disposable Face Mask 3 ply AKD06 (Origin Vietnam) - CE

  • Surgical Mask Type IIR (Origin China) - CE

  • KN95 FFP2 (China) - CE & FDA

  • COVERALL (Origin Vietnam) - CE & FDA

  • Face Shields - Disposable (Origin Vietnam) - CE & FDA

  • Face Shields - with adjustable frame with 10 (Origin Vietnam) - CE & FDA

Please contact us ASAP