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All PPEs Available

estorm has been in the business of exporting from the US to Asia for the past 5 years. 

Since Covid-19 pandemic has started, we have realized that the US is in dire need to get PPE supplies, we have negotiated with suppliers in Vietnam, Malaysia and China to supply the following products; 

  • Gloves - Vynil Nitrile Blended Powder-free (Origin Malaysia, Vietnam and China) CE -FDA Nitrile (Origin Vietnam & Thailand) CE -FDA

  • Mask 3 ply (Origin China) CE & FDA

  • Disposable Face Mask 3 ply AKD06 (Origin Vietnam) - CE

  • Surgical Mask Type IIR (Origin China) - CE

  • KN95 FFP2 (China) - CE & FDA

  • COVERALL (Origin Vietnam) - CE & FDA

  • Face Shields - Disposable (Origin Vietnam) - CE & FDA

  • Face Shields - with adjustable frame with 10 (Origin Vietnam) - CE & FDA

Please contact us ASAP


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